Where it all began

One morning at dawn, in a dark and remote part of a magical forest, a bunch of mushroom called the Shroomiz, decide to follow the call of Willy the Bold to show their true faces to the world.

Together, they decide to unite in a fight against our ignorance on their major role in the ecosystem, by helping us discover their powers.

However, they’ve yet to convince the pessimists led by Angelina Grimna. She believes that they will never stand a chance to be known for their greatness. Convinced that the Shroomiz should stay in their natural habitat, she tries to convince them to remain hidden in the forest.

Will their call for a change be heard? Will all the Shroomiz be courageous enough to get out of the woods. Will they follow Willy’s call or will they fall into despair like Angelina Grimna and stay hidden forever ? That’s up to you...

Prelude: A fleeting thought

Willy the Bold, once more, was unable to find sleep that night. Lately he couldn’t help himself but let his mind wander and dream of a world where Shroomiz wouldn't be ignored any longer.

“When will they finally realise that not only can we feed them, cure them, enlighten them, but also fertilize their crops and clean up their mess?” he bitterly thought, as the dim light of the sunrise started to show in the sky.

Suddenly he thought that the reason behind the ignorance of mankind, could be that the Shroomiz had never reached out to them. They had always shied away in the shadow of the forest.

A strange idea then grew in his mind. What if they tried to leave the quietude of their homes and go meet the world? But how could they do that? He was clueless. He needed to get the help of the other Shroomiz, together they might know what to do.

FLUSH 1: A wake-up call

That evening, Willy the Bold called the closest troops for a talk to present his idea. Ten curious Shroomiz showed up and listened to Willy’s pledge:

"The world needs to hear us. I think it’s about time we leave our forest and get in touch with the world.” he said with a resolute tone.

The audience was bewildered by such a strange idea as the Shroomiz always preferred to stay hidden under the shadow of the heavy forest. Nevertheless, Tommy777, Mila, Jayden and Arsene agreed to follow Willy in his adventures.

Teacher Dave had a more reserved stance about it and declared that he will wait to see what would come out of this incredible venture before taking any decision. The last four Shroomiz decided to take the same path...

FLUSH 2 : Run (out of the) forest! Run!

Not only surprised but also angered by the swift and warm welcome received by the first flush of Shroomiz, Angelina Grimna felt that she needed to act quickly to prevent more Shroomiz from leaving the forest.

As she was already making plans on how to stop this madness, she overheard Linus and Randy speaking loudly:

“ Where could they be?” wondered Linus.

“ I bet ya, they tried to move to the darkest corner of the forest. I’ve heard life is really good there. It’s dark, humid and there’s plenty of roots to settle.” replied Randy

“ You’re wrong! They lost their mind. Let me tell you about it...” shouted Angelina Grimna.

She went on to tell them about Willy and his bold call and the surprising decision of Teacher Dave and the others to follow through.

“ Whaaaaat! Linus did you hear that??” said Randy

“How come they didn’t tell us before! We got to catch up! Let’s go!” replied Linus as they both started to run.

“ Nooo! You fools! It’s a trap! You should stay where you belong!” cried Angelina Grimna. They were already far away from her.


Angelina tried to run after them for a while them but was quickly distanced by Linus and Randy. As she was trying to catch up her breath she started to hear a loud “boom-boom-boom”.

Not far from Alfed was having the time of his life mixing his favorite vinyl's for the birthday party of Prince Augustus. Carole and Benny were dancing very close to each others on the dancefloor. “RRR! What a nice fur!” whispered Carole while gently stroking his beard.

Bernard the Frenchy was talking to Miss Miranda:

“ Yes, you could to say that I’m the best chef of the forest. Cooking is an art you see… You must put your soul in it!”

“ Oh yes I understand...” nodded Miss Miranda impressed by so much passion and self-confidence.

“ By the way did you see Theophilus?” asked Bernard.

Theophilus had been tasked to bring some nice nutrients for Bernard’s main but no one had seen him for the past two hours.

As Angelina was following the music to join the party, she saw Theophilus with a cloud of strange colors aroud him. He seemed high as a kite and was shouting out loud:

“ I’ve been struck by the truth! The LOGOS spirit visited me when I expected it the least! There is more to it than what we think! We ought to leave the forrest and meet the world! I want to see the LOGOS!”.

“That’s my luck! He’s as cuckoo as one can be.” thought Angelina Grimna.
She just needed to bring him to the other Shroomiz for them to realize that the only sound thing to do was to stay in the forest where they all belonged.
However, as they reached the party and were welcomed by a drunk Prince Augustus, Theophilus ran over to him and gave him a toke of his joint. The Prince seemed quite pleased by that.
Theophilus then went on the stage and stopped the music to give a speech.
“ Your Highness Augustus, my brothers and sisters! I have seen the lights of Logos! Look, they are around me, they are in me. I’m part of the lights too!”
The crowd was bewildered as they watched in awe the colorful lights dancing around Theophilus. “The lights have a message for us! We need to leave the darkness of the forest and join the lights! A bright future await us!”

Feeling a sense of euphoria and mesmerized by the lights dancing around Theophilus, Prince Augustus agreed and commanded the Shroomiz leave the forest as soon as his birthday party would be over.


The Shroomiz had been in high spirit by the success of Prince Augustus’ venture. Theophilus had been well inspired to lead them outside the forest and meet the world.

Angelina was once more left in shock and disbelief. Tenzin decided to reach out to her and tried to teach her the art of medition… Without much success..

In high spirits, Francis the priest decided that the time was right for the celebration of Marshall and Lily’s union.

Upon hearing about the upcoming wedding, the honorable Harakuchi suggested to hold the ceremony outside the forest. No other Shroomiz dared to disagree with him…

Willly the Bold’s son Billy was asked by Marshall to be his best man for the wedding and agreed immediately. The two had the craziest Bachelor’s night ever and ended up so drunk that they almost forgot to attend the ceremony. It was only thanks to Clint and Dustin that they somehow managed to look barely presentable and on time.

As they all gathered on their way to the party, Edward mysteriously vanished…


The Silver rule

After a long meditation session Tenzin felt happy and ready to leave the woods for good.

Before leaving, he advised Angelina Grimna to "conquer her anger with non-anger".

Instead she decided to cause CHAOS... by trying to strike a deal with the nefarious Mephisto and his master Lucifer.

Meanwhile Sebastian and Archie are trying to cheer up Amy, a popular singer among the Shroomizz. Amy has once more tried to drink her sorrows away. She felt truly devastated after receiving heinous comments on Twitter.

This time, the culprit is no other than the young Thomas. Antisocial and withdrawn, he thought it'd be fun to go after a random celebrity to make himself feel good.

However, he got surprised by Professor Terel who caught him on spot and decided to lecture him on the silver rule: " You should not treat others in a way that you wouldn't like to be treated" said Terel. He then forced Thomas to follow him and meet Amy to apologize directly to her.

After a long talk, Amy accepted Thomas' apologies but Sebastian and Archie remained quite angry at him. Professor Terel suggested that the five of them could go for a walk outside the forest to ease the tension. It seemed to be the latest cool thing to do among the Shroomiz.

Havoc! (or not)

In the meantime, Lucifer was listening carefully to Angelina and agreed to help her wreck havoc because that's a hell of a fun thing to do!

He decided to leave the forest on his own to scare the humans while Mephisto would take the Shroomiz hostage.

However, things didn't go as planned as Lucifer was quickly captured as soon as he left the forest and Mephisto got so scared that he ran away deep in the forest as soon as he heard that his master had been defeated.

Thomas, Sebastian, Archie, Professor Terel and Amy then left the forest as planned. After a long walk, they all found a new home outside the woods.

FLUSH 5 : The Best Rapper Awards

Since his son Prince Augustus left the forest, the great King Julius went through a mid-life crisis. He dumped his wife and got a new girlfriend Mary-Jane. They love to party hard and enjoy themselves dancing to the beats of the Yung Miz, the rising star of Shroomiz rap.

As the Best Rapper Awards were approaching, King Julius called the organizer Donnie and asked him to give the first prize to Yung Miz. Donnie agreed and offered to give a special gem from his big bag to reward the rapper. He then called Yung Miz to announce him the news.

Yung Miz and his friend Super Punk were in the studio when they got the news! Yung Miz got so euphoric that the two of them partied for two days straight. On the third day, Super Punk was still asleep on the coach when Yung Miz started to head for the ceremony.

Unfortunately, as he went a bit too hard on the purple drank, he forgot the latest mixtapes he wanted to show Donnie at the studio. Upon realizing his mistake, he called Super Punk and asked him to bring them to the Awards.

Super Punk found the mixtapes next to a half bottle of Lean left on the table, which he drunk immediately before going on his way. After a couple of minutes he started to feel slightly dizzy and couldn't remember the way to the awards.

Wandering in the woods, Super Punk started to talk to random people along the way. That's how he came to meet Catshrwoman and told her about the big gem Yung Miz was to get at Donnie's Awards.

Lured by the prospect of stealing the diamonds, she wanted to surreptitiously reach Donnie's bag before the end of the ceremony. However she too got lost, and ended outside the forest in a RMRK collection.

Meanwhile Super Punk continued to talk to more strangers passing by and convinced Hans, Sasuke, Dr Jekyll and Charles to join the awards to see the big gem that Donnie was to hand over to Yung Miz...

Super Punk aside, everyone made it on time to the Awards. The ceremony went well, and King Julius was truly happy to see Yung Miz winning the first Prize. After receiving a huge diamond from Donnie, Yung Miz invited the Shroomiz to a wild after party outside the forest. They all had the time of their life there and decided not to come back to the woods!

FLUSH 6 : The Shroomiz liberation Movement

Angelina and Mephisto have teemed up to mess around. They convinced the old Karl Marshroom to publish his essay on his vision of the perfect Shroomiz community.

He believes that all Shroomiz should be equals, therefore all auras should be abolished.

Upon reading Karl's book, Fidel Cashroom, Vladimir Leninshroom and Molotovshroom took a decide to make his dream come true. Together they create the Shroomiz Liberation Movement to make all Shroomiz equal and free .

They decide to organize their first congress in order to elect a leader and agree on how to start the revolution. While Fidel, Pawel and Molotovshroom are busy writing down their proposals for the meeting. Vladimir meets Igor the farmer and his wife Kalinka in the woods and ask them to join the movement. They immediately agree followed by their neighbors: the productive Stakanovshroom and the brave soldier Nguyen Gia Shroom.

Convinced by Vladimir's ideas, they're happy to join him to the congress. Karl launches the congress by making a long speech detailing his plan for a better forest. The Shroomiz all agree on abolishing the aura system to be truly equal. They also vote for Vladimir to become the leader of the movement.

As they were about to vote on their first resolution, the Shroomiz are interrupted by the arrival of the angry Kim-Jong-Shroom. He threatens to nuke the entire forest if they don't immediately recognize him as their Supreme Leader.

Scared by the little man, the Shroomiz agree to let Kim-Jong-Shroom become Supreme Leader of the Shroomiz Liberation Movement.

Once appointed, Kim rules that the auras should actually be maintained. He asserts that true equality can only be obtained through price and not from the abolition of the aura system.

Hence, he forces the Shroomiz to all leave the forest with the same price tag.

Happy to see the Shroomiz sold out at the same price so quickly, Kim-Jong-Shroom considers his idea a success.

Time to act !

Get your Shroomiz before it's too late.